A series of e-books in PDF format about different cities and regions in the Netherlands with high quality pictures and information, children will also love it.
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Breda Nassaustad
Breda, a sparkling, lively Brabant town with a charming, historic city center. The rich past (Breda is a Nassau city par excellence) and the vibrant present flow seamlessly into each other. You can go trendy shopping, admire the beautiful monuments and sample the Brabant hospitality in the many bars, restaurants and terraces. The Grote of Onze Lieve Vrouwe Kerk of Breda is one of the top 100 monuments of the Netherlands. It virtually remained in its original state of architecture, which is an exponent of the transition from the Gothic to the Renaissance style, the building is unique; not only nationally, but also internationally.
81 pages PDF with beautiful photo's and information.
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