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The fortified town of Brielle also called Den Briel received its city charter in 1330.
On April 1, 1572 the ‘Geuzen’captured Brielle 'in the name of Orange’. The Spaniards lost thus for the first time their authority over a Dutch city.
"On April 1 Alva lost his spectacles (Bril)."
After the city was taken they began to build a modern fortress that would last until 1713. The defenses have stood their time and Brielle still has the atmosphere of the old days. Brielle was also the residence of the great marine hero Maarten Harpertsz. Tromp.
In Brielle through-out the city you will find 420 monuments, centered around St. Catharijenkerk from 1417.
76 pages with great photo's and information.

Price 3,00 euro

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