A series of e-books in PDF format about different cities and regions in the Netherlands with high quality pictures and information, children will also love it.
Each e-book can be used on all computers and tablets; Mac, Windows, IOS, iPad, e-readers, Android.

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This e-book shows the life and work of Dutch painter and sculptor Han Hulsbergen ( 1901 - 1989 ) who lived in de small town called Blaricum Holland. This became the hide-out for many artist, painters and sculptors, like Anton Mauve, Raoul Heijnckes, Karel Appel, Hooykaas and many others. Here you can see the many facets of his work, from portraits to cubist work and abstract paintings. Through his continuous experimentation with materials, he found a concrete mixture which enabled him to sculpt as one would with clay. He called his invention “Meliora Beton”.
Price 3,00 euro

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