A series of e-books as PDF over several cities and towns in the Netherlands with beautiful pictures and information, also very educational for children. These e-books PDF can be used on all plaforms,
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Giethoorn Venice of the North.
Giethoorn is a village with a rich history in
Overijssel in the Netherlands. Giethoorn its characteristic appearance. Many houses are on little islands that can only be reached via bridges. Transportation goes over the water ways in traditional punters.
Nearly all the houses along the canals have thatched roofs
.55 pages PDF with beautiful photo's and information, als nice to read for children.

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‘s-Hertogenbosch the city of Heronimus Bosch
In 1185, ’s-Hertogenbosch, also known as Den
Bosch, received city rights from the duke Hendrik I
of Brabant. ‘s-Hertogenbosch was also
home to the famous painter Hieronymus Bosch (c.
1450 – 1516) whose works hang in museums all over the world.
St. John’s Cathedral The building of the first church in ’s-Hertogenbosch began in 1220. Called St. John, it was dedicated to St. John the Evangelist. The Binnendieze is a watercourse around and under
‘s-Hertogenbosch, which you can visit by boat.
49 pages PDF with beautiful photo's and information, als nice to read for children.
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Breda Nassaustad
Breda, a sparkling, lively Brabant town with a charming, historic city center. The rich past (Breda is a Nassau city par excellence) and the vibrant present flow seamlessly into each other. You can go trendy shopping, admire the beautiful monuments and sample the Brabant hospitality in the many bars, restaurants and terraces. The Grote of Onze Lieve Vrouwe Kerk of Breda is one of the top 100 monuments of the Netherlands. It virtually remained in its original state of architecture, which is an exponent of the transition from the Gothic to the Renaissance style, the building is unique; not only nationally, but also internationally.
81 pages PDF with beautiful photo's and information.
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The fortified town of Brielle also called Den Briel received its city charter in 1330.
On April 1, 1572 the ‘Geuzen’captured Brielle 'in the name of Orange’. The Spaniards lost thus for the first time their authority over a Dutch city.
"On April 1 Alva lost his spectacles (Bril)."
After the city was taken they began to build a modern fortress that would last until 1713. The defenses have stood their time and Brielle still has the atmosphere of the old days. Brielle was also the residence of the great marine hero Maarten Harpertsz. Tromp.
In Brielle through-out the city you will find 420 monuments, centered around St. Catharijenkerk from 1417.
76 pages with great photo's and information.

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The history of Naarden-Vesting
Naarden was already known around 900. It
was situated 2.5 km north-east of the coast of
the one-time Zuider Zee. Owing to floods and
The Civil War, the town was destroyed in 1350.
53 pages with great photo's and information.

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The Vecht and Loosdrecht
The Vecht is a Dutch river that runs through the provinces of Utrecht and Noord-Holland.
The river begins at the Weerdsluis in Utrecht and flows about 40 kilometers from Muiden in the IJ Lake. The Vecht flows among such places as Maarssen, Breukelen, Loenen and Weesp.
49 pages with great photo's and information.

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Dordrecht The Netherlands
Dordrecht is a town with many monuments. Buildings dating back to the Middle Ages, typical Dordrecht fronts, distinguished mansions, warehouses, cherches and water towers.
95 pages for great photo's and information.

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Utrecht Domstad Utrecht is the beating heart of the Netherlands. A city with an unparalleled vitality. A medieval city centre small enough to explore on foot. Large enough to enjoy world class festivals, modern architecture, trendy shops and interesting museums for days on end. Utrecht has a wealth of culture and history. Utrecht bustles with life. 65,000 students. An extensive number of cultural events. Friendly outdoor cafés and restaurants. Hospitable hotels.
.80 pages with beautiful photo's and information, als nice for childeren.

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This book is a reflective insight into China’s past, at the dawn of its regeneration. From downtrodden isolationism, at the end of the Cultural Revolution, the Republic has transformed itself into an economic powerhouse without parallel - all within 25 years. The watershed of this change was Deng Xiaoping’s ‘Four Modernisations’ speech to the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party in December 1979, in which he advocated reforms that would ultimately make China the envy of the world
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De Biesbosch

The National Park De Biesbosch is unique of its kind: a freshwater tidal area of 7,000 acres, with winding creeks, swampy willow forests and a unique flora and fauna. In this very special area you can watch and enjoy but also to do many types of watersports.
47 pages with photo's and information.

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This e-book shows the life and work of Dutch painter and sculptor Han Hulsbergen ( 1901 - 1989 ) who lived in de small town called Blaricum Holland. This became the hide-out for many artist, painters and sculptors, like Anton Mauve, Raoul Heijnckes, Karel Appel, Hooykaas and many others. Here you can see the many facets of his work, from portraits to cubist work and abstract paintings. Through his continuous experimentation with materials, he found a concrete mixture which enabled him to sculpt as one would with clay. He called his invention “Meliora Beton”.
e-book about the Australian Aboriginals and the Torres Strait Islanders

41 pages with special photographs and information, these photo's were taken by Roderick Hulsbergen for the first photobook on the Aboriginals called
"The Aborigine Today" 1971. & The Last Paradise about the Torres Strait Islands published in 1976
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